Friday, March 25, 2022

Hello again!

Well hello quilt blog world!

I was so surprised to see I haven't posted in such a long time, but I guess it makes sense because I have been quite busy!  I mean, the last couple years have been pretty intense for everyone but on top of a pandemic happening I was also working away on my longarm quilting.  I have a few photos for your perusal today, mostly wanted to pop by and say "hey" and "promise I'm still alive"! ;)

Brandy at her Handi Quilter Infinity with ProStitcher  longarm
I went full time into longarm quilting January 2022!  I just love all the fun quilts I get through my door, check out these pretties:

Ansley Park e2e example on baby quilt

Blue vintage quilt with baptist fan quilting

example of dinosaur tracks e2e quilting

Detail shot of Dream Big panel with custom feather quilting

custom graffiti quilting on marine vinyl

Rapunzel e2e quilting on rainbow quilt

Puzzle Time e2e quilting on Rudy's Puzzle quilt

Blue Spool Sewing Room tote bag
I even had tote bags made!

Brandy and John at the arcade in Lincoln City
John and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year at Lincoln City.  It was super fun and we look forward to going again.

Brandy and John at the beach
The beach is a beautiful place to be!

Thomas and Belle helping pick out fabric
Thomas and Belle are still doing wonderful in their Quilt Inspector jobs.

I hope you are all staying happy and healthy and getting a ton of quilting done!  Hey, if you need anything longarm quilted, let me know.  I have an average 2-week turnaround and would love to help you finish your quilts!