Friday, September 27, 2013

Making Progress

I am so proud of myself!  I am taking part in the Wicked Blog Hop being led by Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt and Wendy at Why Knot Kwilt, and my husband has been keeping me in check with my projects that I have planned.  I've already got one completed, and am starting on the next this weekend.  The agreement we have is I can do as many projects for the hop as I want, as long as I take them one at a time.  And so far it's working!

The other exciting thing is that I have decided to participate in Missouri Star Quilt Company's Iron Quilter competition.  The video they made is so clever, I was laughing for 5 minutes after watching it.  Check it out here. 

The fabric they are using for the competition is PERFECT for a Christmas present I have been planning.  I'd been trying to decide what I wanted to use for it, when this came along, so I am really happy the decision was practically made for me.  And I have to laugh at myself, I am more excited to get this quilt done before Christmas than I am about the potential to win the prizes offered!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My First Blog Post (inventive title, dontcha think? hahaha)

Good afternoon!  I am starting up my little blog as a place to share the things I love to do, as I have seen is the pattern for many a person with similar interests to me.  I have been following the blog hops with Madame Samm over at and decided I would like to join this world!  So bear with me as I now learn a new talent, the BLOG...

This is the first quilt I ever made, I took a class in October 2012 at our local Sew & Vac, and they warned me it was addictive!  I now have probably 5 different projects going on, and a million running thru my head, not helped at all by the hops I must say. :)
But I think it's a good thing to keep a person active both physically and mentally, so I just need to work on my organizational skills and we're golden!  Now I'm going to walk around my yard for a moment in the 98 degree warmth and then get right on cleaning those dishes...
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