Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Pets on Quilts Show!

Hello and welcome to my entry for the Pets on Quilts Show hosted by Lily Pad Quilting!  I am excited to be participating again.  This year's entry involves a certain orange cat who had issues parting with a certain niece's quilt.
From the time I laid out the building blocks Thomas was fascinated with this quilt.

"Hey mom, what are you doing with my quilt on the floor?"
"Oh man, this is the best ever!  It is missing something though..."

"I know!  I will rub myself all over the large black areas and add that special orange color.  It will add texture and depth to the quilt."
"Ohhhh yeah, this is looking yummy."
"Shhh, mom thinks I am just helping by keeping the quilt from sliding onto the floor, but really I'm working as much fur into the top as possible, so that the quilt CAN'T go to Arizona and this niece-person she keeps talking about."

I was finally able to drag it away from him and put the binding on and get it sent to Arizona.  Here are some photos of the finished piece:

This final photo is my entry in the Cat on Quilt category:

Again, be sure to visit Snoodles and the gang at Lily Pad Quilting and check out the other entries this year.  I'm off to leave some comment love for them myself.