Friday, November 4, 2016

Montana Trip, Wooden Quilt Box, Pretty Fabric

Hello everyone!  I have a few great things to share today.  First of all, a couple months ago Mary at Quiltin' Grandma Designs had an anniversary giveaway, and I won!  The funniest thing is that we're friends in real life and guild mates!  She was so generous, and gave me a charm pack as well as the large Tucker Trimmer!  We met up at Dairy Queen, had some ice cream, and chatted for a bit.  It was a beautiful sunny day, just after the fair ended so Mary had some good stories to share.
I still have not decided what I want to make with it, Mary said to make something for myself, however I feel like so much of what I make is for me, so I think I will be making something for our guild gift exchange.  Still personal satisfaction coming from it!
We were able to get up to Montana this year, it was Operation Truck Rescue!  My dad was talking with my grandma, who mentioned that the guy who purchased the property behind her house had said something about the Ford, and how he was planning on throwing it onto the burn pile!!  My dad had a minor freakout, and we decided to get up there ASAP.  So dad, John, and I drove up on a Wednesday, and the following shows some of what we did while there:
The view from the "dump" on the hill behind grandma's house.

John with his mad trailer surfing skills, as dad demonstrates how to back down an extremely narrow mountain dirt road.

John was so pleased how smoothly the truck came down off the hill and is excited to tackle this project!

Since the truck loaded so smoothly, we went to Glacier National Park the next day, and WOW!  If you get the chance, visit the park at the end of September, it is beautiful!  In this picture John and I were having an interesting time finding our footing on the bank.

The scenery was perfect!

If you have never been on the Going to the Sun Highway, half of the drive looks like this.

And the other half is very much like this!  I did not zoom for this photo, the wall along the edge of the road is inches from the tires.

One of the many waterfalls on the way up.

John and I hiked up the trail at the top of the mountain for a bit, but it was getting late so we didn't go to far.  We think next year we will try to hike to Hidden Lake, but it's a few miles, and we don't hike regularly... well, it could happen! :)
 Sewing has also happened:

Can you see the issue here?  I was in the process of sewing my rows together, and at the end of this row I discovered I had sewn the third row into it as well!  Un-sewing happens in my sewing room too.  Not terribly often, but it definitely happens.

This always makes me laugh, how the blocks go from being so funny shaped into a square.  These blocks will finish at 5 inches, I was practicing for making blocks sometime with my mom, but the blocks we will make will be 10 inches finished.

I finished my Seahawks pillow!  I came up with a different way of making a pillow sham that is quilted all over, and will have a tutorial for it soon.

We're making our blocks for the president of the guild, I'm excited to see how they all come together and will share photos when they are all together.  I decided to embroider my signature on my block instead of just signing it, I'm hoping it will last longer than some of the pens seem to.  We'll see!
I made a cat bed!  John helped me pick out this minky fabric from a sale bin about 4 months ago, and I finally sat down and just made this last weekend (the Saturday before Halloween).  This photo was taken that evening, and I was thrilled that Belle took to it so quickly.  It is only partially stuffed, John thought they would like to be able to "rearrange" it to their comfort.  I did use up all my leftovers of fabric bits though, so that's nice to have out of the way.
My grandpa Jim made this for me, after I shared a picture with him on Facebook.  He used leftover pieces of wood from his shop, and when I picked it up I mentioned that the ladies at guild would be jealous, and he said he could make some more if I wanted to try and sell them.  So he did, and I did!

We were pleasantly surprised at the popularity of the boxes, I sold all but one at the last guild meeting.  A lot of the ladies mentioned him possibly making a box to fit a ruler they already own, so that's the next step for this coming Tuesday's meeting.
This smaller box has become my travelling companion.  I took it with me to Montana and made great progress.  Then I took it to guild to show off.  I need to take some photos of the EPP progress, the butterflies are coming right along!
I am excited about this rainbow of colors John bought me :)


And since I've worked my way through all seven of the Harry Potter books, I'm moving back to my deeper reading.  My parents have the entire collection of Britannica Great Books, and I had discovered last year that they have a reading list called The Great Conversation that leads you through specific parts of all the different books over the course of ten years.  I'm on the third reading assignment, and started this journey January 2015 I think... one could say I got distracted.  It's not an easy read, that's for sure, the language takes some getting used to.  However, I know I will learn from this and am excited to at least try.  I love that it's making me think.

I'm laughing a bit right now at the Year One reading list and how many of the readings include Government.  By the way, is the election over yet?  Holy cow.  I have never experienced people hitting so below the belt in such a public manner.  And that's all I have to say about that.
Here is a picture of my goofy cat to send you on your way:
Yeah, that's a toilet paper roll, he was playing with it and then fell asleep!
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm going to another community sew-in tomorrow, we're making skateboard blocks this round, and the finished quilts will be donated to the YWCA Women's Shelter.  I'm proud to help, and I'm hoping my mom will be available to join me.
Have a great weekend all, let's go get some sewing in!

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