Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas!

And nearly Happy New Year!  I hope your holidays are going well, mine aren't so bad considering my grandmother passed away about a week before Christmas.  We will miss Grandma Linda's snarky comments towards Grandpa and never-ending humor even in the face of leukemia.  Grandma also happens to be the other quilter in the family, and her last wish for me was to take over the last project she was working on for my cousin.  She gave me her sewing machine to go along with this project.  Bernina Virtuosa 150 QE, and it's incredible.  I only wish the circumstances I ended up with it were different.
However, as fate would have it, this machine arrived right when I needed to quilt my mom's quilt (yeah, didn't finish for the competition, maybe next time) and worked like a charm.  Here's progress pictures:
You can see (if you look very closely) the columns of color going blue, purple, white, purple, blue.
Still piecing with my White, and have ended up with a new pincushion by accident, was trying to make a football themed one for my aunt and royally messed up the process, so I'm keeping it...
Getting down to the wire, this one is
 To give you an idea of the space I work in, under the table has been tidied up since I got organizer bins for Christmas (thank you Grandma Kathy!)
My husband was really impressed
Racing stripe down the back, yeah!
I had to set up shop in our living room, there was JUST enough space for me.
I learned how incredibly helpful it is having lines to follow.
Yes!  Oh thank goodness, done at 10am Christmas Eve.
I told mom if she wanted to see it she'd have to wait on the binding, and she was fine with that.
Yay!  Happy mom!  Now hand it back over...
So the next thing I had promised (I will really have to work on this organizing thing and not saying "yes" to every request) was to make my sister a Christmas giraffe.  Well, after the festivities seen here
Oh, am I supposed to leave some for others?
The aunt's chattin' it up
There's my hubby (in the hat) diving into the macaroni & cheese I contributed to our lasagna dinner :)

 at 11:00pm Christmas Eve: 
 12:00 am
2:15 am
9:00 am (only got 3.5 hours of sleep, not good for Christmas Day activities)
And Jif with his new momma, who was very pleased with how he turned out.
The other patchwork giraffe is going to my best friend in CA, who's son turned one 2 months ago, and she is a zookeeper, so it seems fitting he have a giraffe.
I am very much looking forward to this year, I am all set up to be organized with only one or two projects a month, and at least three of them are actually for myself.  Pat Sloan asked a very good question on her blog a while back

 and that got me thinking, "you know, I have at least three off the top of my head I can say are mine and I keep putting off because I am putting the perceived needs of others before myself" so I am following her Assignment:

  • Pick the top THREE projects that you want to finish for you in the first quarter of next year (yes I like lists and I like the number THREE!)
  • Set a deadline of when they need to be done.
  • Do NOT move this deadline.
  • Do NOT take on other work that makes you MISS this deadline.
  • Now get the first of these 3 projects OUT where you CAN work on it. Don't leave it in a box under the bed in the spare room.  Put it front and center in your workspace
  • Now work to finish something for YOU!

  • (1) Mortimer Moose, just need to bind
    (2) Car quilt, may need to acquire more jeans for backing
    (3) King size strawberry quilt for bedroom
    #3 may end up being a goal to have done by the end of June, but I can always work on a block a week for it, and it may get done sooner!  By the way, I am quite looking forward to being in my second blog hop with Mdm Samm and Carla at the end of January, and contributing to my sister's household while I'm at it!
    Happy goal setting to you, and see you all in the next year!