Monday, June 1, 2015

UFO Busting with Pat Sloan

I'm taking on the challenge Pat put out this weekend, and have pulled together actual UFOs in my sewing room.  I've made lists all year, but most of them include piles of fabric waiting to become quilts, and those technically aren't unfinished, as they haven't been started yet.  Right?  Hee hee :)
So here's my goal for the summer:
1. This is the baby blanket I've been working on for 2 months now.  If I'd wanted to give it to them I could have a month ago, but I wanted it quilted because my hope is for it to be well loved and dragged around.  So number one on the list, baby Scarlet was born last Monday and is ready for her blankie!

2. This is a marriage quilt (they will celebrate their 1 year anniversary this month, congratulation Ashley, I love you!)
3. This is a guild challenge, there are four of these panels and I was the only one who picked one up.  So if I finish it and take it back to guild next Tuesday I will win the prestige of finishing it on time LOL!  Possibly there is a prize too, but we're making them as baby blankets for donation, which is pretty satisfying in itself. 
4. I started this pillow design the night before the Super Bowl, and mainly hope to have it done by football season this fall.
5. This fabric basket needs unsewn on the corners, quilted more densly, sewn back together and have the buttons put on.
6. Big Fish Little Fish wall hanging, just keep swimming!

I started working on this last night, made it through 5 of the star points before we had a lightning storm come thru and I stopped to watch it instead of sewing.  Plus the power flickered and I feared for my sewing machine.
Good job gloves, you hold that in there for me 'til I get home tonight.
The cats watching the storm with me last night.
So there we are, 6 items on the list.  And the hope that I won't decide to start another!  Except one thing, I get to test a pattern for Heather at Quilts Actually!  Very exciting, this is my first time testing a pattern, and I just love this one.  I'll share when I have permission to :)
Have a wonderful week everyone!


Mary said...

Good UFO's to work on this Summer. That Cat Panel will be cute for a Baby Quilt. Have fun Testing the pattern. I wonder how fast the Vendors exited the park during the storm last night?

Kitty Pearl said...

All fun projects, I wouldn't know where to start, Enjoy!

Cate said...

Hi Brandy, So good to catch up with what you've been up to over the last few months... and boy have you completed so much, i'm inspired! I love the different quilting patterns you chose for your quilts, the puzzle pattern is so cute and i love the leaf pattern you used for the elephant quilt, so clever, it looks wonderful on the reverse side! Thank you for your kind comment, I'm looking forward to the future! Take care, x

Lorna McMahon said...

Good for you taking on the UFO challenge, Brandy! Looks like you have some very worthy projects on your list. Hope you can manage to complete these without being tempted to cut into your fabrics in waiting. Love those pics of your gloves waiting for your return... And those curious cats!