Thursday, May 28, 2015


I gave my Great Grandma her puzzle hotpad/potholder on Mother's Day, and she was really impressed.  Everyone loved the colors, I had to point out the quilting.  My family is still in training...

And I finished my sister's Christmas/birthday present hotpad, I still have a pen case on the books for her.
The quilting in progress.

Making a flanged binding for Jen's hotpad, my first flanged binding.

Still trying to figure this part out, it's fine on the inside!

I love the framed look!

You can see the quilting really well on the back, I tried to vary it to look like the cup is on a table.

Very nice!  Slow and steady, really important.

This is my next project, finishing this wall hanging from Connecting Threads.  I was able to get two of them because they were on clearance in January.  Not sure yet what will happen with the second, probably someone will come along in our lives who's obsessed with fish or has a nautical-themed nursery.  We'll see

Love the fish block!!
Alright, off to work now.  Have a super sparkly day!
Thomas and Belle want to remind you to take it easy and enjoy the sunshine!


Lorna McMahon said...

All of your projects are really pretty, Brandy! I especially love that puzzle quilting on the hot pad for your Great Gramma. And the one for your sister looks fabulous, too! You did a fantastic job on the flanged binding. Hi Thomas! Hi Belle!

Kitty Pearl said...

All great quilting! Super original I know I keep saying that over and over on all your posts....