Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Snapshots QAL March Block

Oh dear, it has happened.  I have officially deviated from the very first block of the month I've ever participated in.  I didn't realize I'm such a rebel!  The thing is, I connect so much with the concept of the quilt, capturing moments in my life with fabric (and in a quilt!) but when the teapot came along, it didn't click (haha, pun intended).  It has no intrinsic value to me.  But a nice hot mug of hot chocolate, oh yeah, there are memories there!
I used the pattern for the mug from the free pattern In From the Cold available from Moda.  Here's a link to where you can find all sorts of free patterns from their blog!

Pixelated much?

Pressed all my seams open.

The butterfly is inspired by the pattern from Fig Tree & Co.  I do not have the pattern, I just figured out the measurements I needed for my block, but it certainly looks a lot like Joanna's, so I give her credit.  You can get her pattern here.
Also, I just really like butterflies, that's why it's on my mug.

And here is my nearly completed block!  I have not actually sewn the white pieces around it to bring the block to the 12.5" x 16.5" size that the blocks have been finishing at, because I noticed they end up with what looks like an additional 1" white border before the red border, and I would rather do a solid piece all the way to the edge, less waste that way.
And I am so happy so say I organized myself a little!  I was carrying my fabric for this quilt along on a cutting mat for the last 2 months, and finally remembered we have these nice little storage boxes that they would fit in.

A mug memory for you: when I was growing up it seemed like it always started snowing at 9pm, so dad would let us play outside for a while (even though it was past our bedtime) and mom would prep these huge mugs of hot chocolate for my sister and I.  My mug has a peach on a blue background with a yellow brim, my sister's has grapes on a yellow background.  I also still will join my mom for cups of cocoa when I go to her house sometimes, and we just sit and pass the breeze.  It's so relaxing.
Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!

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Mary said...

I like your MUG! I'm not a Tea drinker so I was trying to think of how to change this block to suit me. The Hot Mug of Cocoa sounds a lot more like me. I ate a LOT of Toast & Cocoa as a child. In fact I still do. With lots of Marshmellows.