Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Progress Report

I have completed a few projects this month, been really trying to give a few minutes every day to some sort of sewing or craft related item. 
One new project I took on was a birthday present I made for my co-workers son, this is a medieval-themed belt pouch.
A new project I just had to develop for the Perfect Picnic that John and I are going on very soon, yay!  This is the reversible liner for my basket.
A finished UFO!  For some reason it took me nearly two years to finish those x's across the bottom of this potholder... don't ask.  :P  I will tell you John learned not to cut through potatoes on a hotpad though.
And a sneak peak!  I finished my Perfect Picnic quilt and had to test it out with my mom, and also tried to get Konnie to sit on it with us, but she refused.  I assume she was trying to be polite and not get fur on it.  Or she was just a silly goose.  My quilt is very comfy by the way, and I look forward to sharing it with John this weekend!

My day for the Perfect Picnic Blog Hop is June 4th, be sure to come visit and see what games we play and what munchies we consider important for a nice, relaxing date.

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