Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March UFO Progress and Goals

Well first of all, let me share how happy I am that I got myself outside and working in my garden today!  It's in kinda sad shape, but I have hope :)  I am thinking of putting in grape tomatoes, jalepenos, and bell peppers this year, keeping it fairly simple.  I've had good luck with peppers, and the grape tomatoes do well taking care of themselves.  Here's pictures from my previous gardening endeavors:

A pepper, we like to start our seeds inside to give them a head start.
John helping me plant.
This crop included beans, which was a first for me and very exciting to watch grow!  And now I know not to worry about spacing them out, they need to be next to each other for support!
And we had some butternut squash that never did turn yellow/white like it was supposed too... but it was a prolific plant!
Our little plot.
Bell peppers
And a trio of tomatoes.  These pictures are from two years ago, we missed planting anything last year.  But like I said, we'll try and take it slow this time around and see if we can't get ourselves some fresh produce.

And now!  I have had the opportunity to finish only one project this month, and it was a long overdue one.  When I made my first quilt a year and a half ago I had scraps that I started turning into a pillow case to match the quilt, and I finished it on Saturday the 15th, National Quilting Day!
It has an invisible zipper on the bottom, which turned out pretty well I thought.  And you can see the quilting in this picture.
Isn't it funny how you puff something up and suddenly it looks rounded?
Now I just need to purchase a pillow form that actually fills it haha, it's an 18 inch size, all I had on hand was a 16 inch.
As for my piece I plan on completing next or at least moving to the stage of a "top":
This is the backing from my mom's car quilt.
I did not know the "white" squares were actually striped!
And so I'm working on finishing the top, and reassembling it for her.  To be quite honest, I took it from her possession about 8 months ago and got the center of the top done then, then promptly forgot about it until recently when John reminded me.  Yay for my husband!
Good luck to you all in your endeavors for the rest of this month, I'm looking forward to some relaxing sewing from here on out!

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