Thursday, March 20, 2014

Actual progress, amazing what 10 minutes will do!

So Pat Sloan challenged us to get at least 10 minutes a day of sewing in for the rest of this month, well of course that turned into 60 minutes last night and 15 this morning, but hey!  Progress happens at that point!

This is my mom's car quilt, the one with the jean backing talked about in the previous post.  I tried drawing it out and coloring with the colored pencils but it just wasn't clicking, didn't seem like it would work no matter what I did (limited on my pieces of fabric).  So I finally just grabbed the piles of rectangles and tossed them on the floor and this is what I came up with!
This is the top piece, I actually have to sew the top and bottom separately from the sides since I decided to have that center twisty piece.  I'll think that one thru a little better next time, borders work way smoother than the way I'm going about things!
A close up for a better idea of the true colors.
And for once I have an afternoon off, so I am going to try and get this top finished before dinner, being the first day Spring I think it's a fitting accomplishment!

Looking great.  Just have to sew it to the back and batting and tie it together, then on to my FLAG!
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Farm Gate Creations said...

It looks great...looking forward to seeing your flag.