Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Thanks for visiting my blog for the Don't Let the Door Stop You blog hop, my post for it is one down from here.  I just have to say, WOO HOO SEAHAWKS!!  and share some pictures from yesterday.  We had a blast, and a lot of delicious food.

This was actually a last minute request by my dad Thursday afternoon to be able to take to work Friday morning, so it's a little more simple than I'd normally do, but looks great!

I've started requesting that I make/bring the vege tray, so I know there's something I will eat and that other people will eat.  Plus, I actually prepare them from fresh veges...


We took over mom and dad's living room. (You can see mom's quilt draping on the couch, it's a recent finish so I point it out to everyone)
Here's Grandpa and Uncle Jerry.  They maintained that position pretty much for 3 full hours, except to get up and eat :)

Can you tell we're watching one of "those" commercials?

Konnie the cat was totally into the game, as you can see.
Yay team!  We're so proud of the Seattle Seahawks, and are very much looking forward to next season!  Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you :)

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