Monday, February 24, 2014

January and February Finishes

Wow!  I'm getting things done!  I'm so glad to be able to share these completions :)

January completions:
-Mom's quilt, completed the binding, put on a label

-Blue Heart Wall Hanging
-finished Mortimer Moose

February completions:
-diaper bag for neighbor across the street (and you can see the blue hearts hanging over the chair behind the sewing machine hee hee)
I will be posting separately about this bag, and FYI, I am extremely proud of how it turned out

-small blanket for boss's first granddaughter

-giraffe for Great Grandma

-owl for Mom's birthday (which is my birthday too, I got snow boots yay!) my grandpa helped me make the frame, so this present was completely handmade!

-Triple Decker Ice Cream Cone to celebrate best friend's new baby

Projected March finishes:
-Flags on a Stick blog hop flag
-Christmas Candles cross-stitch (I've been digging thru my hobby room and discovered UFOs *eye roll*)
-a bag for myself using the diaper bag pattern, but as we've no babies yet, it will be a project bag made using fabric my thoughtful husband got me for my birthday via a gift card :)
-another Triple Decker, my aunt owns an Ice Cream Parlor in Leavenworth, WA, oh and here's some pictures from that trip:

 Seriously, there are quilt patterns everywhere!

 It was 26 degrees, but so worth it, I love the snow!

John walking along with his newest scaled R/C truck

Have a wonderful day!

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