Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP... Tuesdays? hee hee

Good day to all!  I know most normal people get their work in progress pics on their blogs on Wednesdays, but I have time now.  So here's a sampling of what I've had a chance to work on lately:
These are corners for my Strawberry Quilt, a project I am introducing today to the world.  The plan is for a king size quilt for my husband and myself.  It will probably take a while, however the hope is to get it done this summer.  This is the longest chain piecing I've done so far!

This is the instructions, the pattern is from the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild website, is called Fair Play and is designed by Marcia Hohn at www.quilterscache.com.  You can see in the picture below that I messed up the corners, but then I decided I like them better that way.

I've started listening to Pat Sloan's radio show the last week, and it's pretty cool to learn from some of the quilters who are deep into the quilting business.  And nice to have the background noise too, I focus a little better with it.  Wow, I just noticed it looks like it was sunny that day, how strange!  It's been gray ever since, I can tell you that!
Since I was so proud of myself for finishing my moose, I allowed myself to purchase a mini-charm pack and some fat quarters for a project that I just could not get to stop bothering my brain.

The Indigo Crossing colors just completely appealed to me, and I had the perfect idea of what to make for our house.

Using ideas I've picked up around the web, I made my blocks.

The shrinkage always amazes me, I'm sure someday I'll get used to it.
I'm testing out what happens quilting-wise when you sew strips of batting together, seeing how well it holds out, whether or not it creates wrinkles, that kind of thing.

It's so beautiful!
I am also trying this form of basting, which is different for me.
I think my favorite part of making this little wall hanging was when I brought it out to show my husband, and he said "wow, those colors are really nice."  I feel like they're pleasant to the eye, they just make me so happy.
  I hope you have a great day, I'll see you soon with the Don't Let the Door Stop You blog hop!

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