Monday, November 18, 2013

A work (or two or three) in progress...

Well I have that "issue" where you start one BIG project and then a bunch more decide they must be done as well, so you start on those as a bit of a break from the big one, and on and on.  Christmas fabric is a weakness of mine, and as my two lap blankets I'm working on are not at all Christmas themed, I just had to do it:

Eleanor Burns' Mortimer Moose pattern!
In the tutorial on Eleanor's youtube channel they actually did stippling as the quilting, but I wanted my moose to be in the woods.  Free motion quilting on my machine is no easy feat, but I think it turned out pretty nice.  I am a huge fan of the holly and berries, they have that gold accent that makes me happy about Christmas fabric. :)  This will be for my husband for Christmas, his mom started him on a moose theme when he was young, and I decided we need a Christ-moose in the house!  He will have light up Christmas lights that weave through the antlers, and still needs appliqued onto the background, but I feel better now to have a Christmas project under my belt.
I made a pressing pad for myself last week, and realized it would have happened a lot faster if my mom didn't have unplanned gall bladder surgery... MOM!  Three surgeries this year, we're done.  Done I tell you!  Anyway, she's healthy, all is well, and I got my pad done and am THRILLED with it!  I can press on one side, and easily flip it over to lay my cutting mat on and cut stuff up on top of it too (my table is not even, and bends in the center when I put pressure on it, so I have to have the board underneath).

 Food Network playing in the background, the Thanksgiving Special of course.  Alton Brown is an awesome person.

I used Pat Sloan's Flowers and Berries on White from her newest line Bobbins and Bits as my happy colors, with the vibrant blue of course.  Just a splash of color was needed!  She was interviewed on Fat Quarter Shop recently, check it out!
And I have been working on mom's quilt, more so in the last two days, trying to figure out how to lay out these half-square triangles.  I think I got it though:
 Neat, but not mom.

 Not quite what I envisioned.
Oh, I like this!
I'm thinking of separating the colors so all the lights are together, and all the purples, to make more individual blocks.  Mainly because I really don't care for "scrappy" very much, so the less scrappy it is the happier I'll be.  This particular layout doesn't seem to flow as nicely to my minds eye.  We will see how it goes!  Have a wonderful day!

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PatSloan said...

Brandy thank you for my birthday block and card! I SO LOVE them!