Monday, May 2, 2016

Maggie Ball trunk show

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the Maggie Ball trunk show put on by our guild.  Maggie is from the Seattle area, so was able to drive down with LOTS of quilts!  I am just going to put my photos in now, and will add notes to the ones I can remember. :)
Maggie worked with a school her son attended to create auction quilts with each grade.

This class wrote down a word that came to mind when they thought of trees.

The snowflakes were created by cutting them out of freezer paper, ironing them to the white fabric, sponge painting with fabric paint around it (the students did that part), then peeling the freezer paper off.

The hearts were hand appliqued down with a blanket stitch, then hand quilted by the students after the blocks were sewn together.

Maggie's version of a Trip Around the World.  She likes to take classic quilt ideas and incorporate blocks into them.

An example of how color placement changes the look of a block.

Every one of these blocks is the same layout, just different color placement.

This is one of my favorites, every bear claw block has different base-blocks.  And the border is neat too.

I believe this is an example/proof that she does hand quilt :)

I ended up purchasing this one, it was too awesome to pass up.

A neat idea for a sampler, or for those practice blocks we all have laying around.

The following are examples of her Bargello quilts, and again how color and value placement, as well as incorporating sashing can change the look of a single block.

She came up with the neat inner border idea because she ran out of the green fabric, so made those stepping stones in the centers to compensate.

Making our way through the pile of quilts.  She's showing off her mini-Feathered Star.

And here is the full sized version.
One of the two classes she taught that weekend was her Template-free Kaleidoscope Puzzle Quilt, which I just love. You can click on the photo above to go to her website.  She has demos on her website as well.

Maggie says she presses her seams open so the intersections are easier to quilt over.

This one is based off an 8-bit formula (I'm pretty sure...). The design came from the brother of a lady she had in a class.  It has black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (8 colors), starts in the center with black, then circles around with the other colors clockwise and keeping in order.  Pretty incredible.

Examples of the amazing work her long-arm quilter does.

Maggie helped found a quilting center in Mongolia, in an effort to better women's opportunities there.  You can follow this link to learn more.

This one is made of silk, and is just luscious.

The wall hanging on the right was made in the early years of the group.  The one on the left is from the last couple years.

If I had the money, we would own this.

This was made for Maggie by the ladies from Mongolia.

A sample of the items for sale, the camels and horses are made of cashmere, the slippers probably are as well.

I got the pattern and a little silk purse that is very beautiful.  It currently is holding my quilting cash.

Maggie is full of all sorts of great information, and inspiration.  If you can, you should have her come visit your guild!

This is the second trunk show I have attended and I just love how much I am learning from these ladies.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one I highly recommend going.

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hearts & Flowers, Tiara Time, WIPs

I'm so glad to be back to sewing!  I had a break there for a bit, as I was preparing for my new job, which I have now been at for a whole month.  I am the new receptionist for an engineering firm, and am incredibly happy about my new job.  I get to learn about all sorts of different things involving engineering, biology, water flow rates, and my grammar/proofreading skills are going to increase exponentially. I mean, who doesn't want to know these things?  LOL  (FYI, I went to school for engineering and then for oceanography before I switched to art.)
On March 19th we had a sew-in for the Hearts & Flowers section of our guild.  I can't recall if I have shared what we do for Hearts & Flowers, so I will explain.  The guild asks our members to donate 6.5 inch blocks of nine-patches, heart, and flower themed blocks.  Then usually twice a year we get together and sew up the blocks into tops to then be quilted and bound by whoever donates their time to do so.
The ladies setting up.  I brought my White as I am most comfortable working with it for piecing, and I knew we'd be at it for at least 6 hours.
I received a great new sweatshirt from John for my birthday.
I dedicated this time to be Tiara Time.  To see the post that inspired the idea, visit my friend Ronnie at Road Home Quilting.  I read this on her blog a few weeks before the sew-in, and love the idea of when the tiara goes on, it's MY time.  I can see how this would be really applicable when a person has children.  The ladies at the sew-in also think the idea is pretty neat, we talked about sharing it with the guild at one of the meetings, I'll have to bring it up again.
After sorting through the stacks of finished blocks I found I was one short so I whipped this block up.
You can see my block in the upper right hand area.  I was drawn to the green and blue blocks that day.  Mainly because most of the other tops assembled were in the pink and purple range.
This was a top in process that Sherry and Kay were assembling.
 Mona assembled this one, she actually got at least 2, if not 3 together.  She was working with four-patches that consisted of 2 nine-patches and two heart/flower blocks, and they go together much faster than individual blocks.  Which may be why the group leader requested them, come to think of it...
Me plugging away at assembling my top.
The nine of us completed six tops, which is pretty amazing!
I took home fabric I had picked out for the borders, and finished my top in time for our next guild meeting, which was actually a Symposium.  So I dropped it at the front door then wandered around learning about all sorts of things, like different styles of applique and that a gentleman who just started quilting 7 months ago is hosting a sew-in at our local quilt shop and we will be making sailboat quilts.  I also picked up 4 packets of nine-patch makings for our guild's raffle quilt, which will be laid out as shown below:

Lots of nine-patches!  These are little guys, they will finish at 3 inches.
My current project is working on my sister's birthday present, her birthday is May 19, so I have a couple weeks to get this done!  The pattern is one a member of our guild created, and I was so inspired I immediately bought fabric to make one myself.  I do wish I could have taken her class, but funding prevents that from happening.  One of these days...

Last weekend I was able to get it up on the design wall and organize the four-patches into a comfortable setting.  It was more work than I thought it would be, and is probably why I don't usually go scrappy.  I had to walk away at least 6 times so I could be level-headed during this process.
Also, I completed my niece Susie's quilt!  We sent it down to Arizona, and my brother-in-law Shannon sent us a photo of her unwrapping it.  I hope she has many adventures with it!

I really appreciate John's help, every time.  Also, look at this sweet flanged binding!

Of course, the cat's have been terribly helpful:
I was really surprised, I could NOT get Thomas to leave this quilt alone!  He loved on it from conception, so I assume that it means my niece will also enjoy it.  By the way, I used two layers of batting with this one, and could barely feel the seams of the jean material from the top.  And it is really cozy.

Belle is giving very sage advise on how to attach the flanged binding: "To begin with, you need to cut off all that extra fluff, and then give it to me to tear into tiny bits".  No sweetie, not today.
I also gave my Grandma Kathy her table runner, and she loves it!  The quilting came out really nice.  She thought the fact that I used Insul-Bright as one of the layers was pretty clever, I just think it will be so handy to have a giant hotpad.  I'll have to remember to get a photo of it on her table, with the cup of flowers she placed on it.
Well, I hope you all have been happy and healthy and are enjoying this change in weather towards sunnier days!  I'm hoping to get my flower seeds planted tomorrow so we can enjoy them this summer.  Have a wonderful day!