Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trip to Montana part 3

The third day of our Montana trip involved me sleeping a lot, recovering from two solid days on the road.  When I finally got moving, I sat down with my grandma and had her review how she constructs Hawaiian shirts, and how to properly use a pattern.  It's been awhile for me, and the idea of the collar scared me.  Then she left!  She and Grandpa Lee had a "gig" to be at, Lee plays almost every weekend at the Eagles and even though it was his birthday he wasn't taking the day off.  So I did this:
Had to use the bed and cardboard cutting mat to have enough room for the 4 yards of material.  This is another example of why fussy cutting things isn't always the best idea.  It's expensive!

John picked out the fabric.  He also, by the way, nearly spent as much as I did at the quilt stores on the way up, acquiring more car-themed fabric for another Hawaiian shirt!  Plus some of the Retro Riders fabric for a pillowcase.  Which turned out awesome by the way!  Pictures to be posted at a later date.
When Grandma returned she and John cleared a path to my *new* Singer sewing machine!  And we worked out a plan for the next day for loading the heavy bugger into the Yukon.

John and I heading out to Lee's birthday dinner.

The next morning we left to head home, and I convinced John we had to stop at Foy's Lake.  He even let me splash around for a moment, I was sooo happy!  Next time we're going swimming.

Yay, splashy splashy!
Ok, for those of you wondering, I haven't had an opportunity in about 3 years to go swimming or even play in the creek (just a timing thing, we've been super busy), so this was just awesome for me.  I'm going to definitely start making time for water again.

Cate, this one's for you!!

Coeur d'Alene, ID-Bear Paw Quilting
LOVE this shop.  We had actually stopped in when we were on our way to Bonners Ferry, but ended up having to leave so we could make it to the next shop before they closed.  The lady remembered us from four days before!  They really built themselves a gorgeous place, it's very warm and inviting.  And I love their row and license plate (Paws 2 Quilt).

Here is my collection from the weekend, I can barely remember now which shop I got each fabric at.  I admire how my friend Mary does her photojournalism, she's way more on top of it than I am.  But I think I've learned my lesson!

This was so cool, I couldn't pass it up!  I hadn't seen any other shops carrying pins, I hope more do next year.  And on the right is that beautiful Hawaiian print I was talking about at Bigfork Quilts.

The day after we got home John unloaded the treadle and cleaned it up enough to have inside.  We're trying to decide how we want to restore it, as the wood is basically rotting away where the drawers are and across the top, but all the metal is good.  I want it to function, so am thinking we should completely replace all the wooden pieces.  John is concerned about losing the antiquity value of it.  What do you guys think?  This is a whole new adventure for us!
Thanks for coming along this journey with me, I hope you have a super sparkly day!


Mary said...

Thanks for the compliment. Since I started Blogging I take pictures differently! with the purpose of being on the BLOG! As for the Treadle. maybe try to find another base for it rather than re-construct. If there is a way to seal and save the wood that is deteriorating -do that. What does the Machine look like? so cool to get one from family. I'm officially jealous! Thanks again for scoping out the cool plates and quilt shops and bringing me home treasures.

Valerie Reynolds said...

I've been to this quilt store!! IT IS amazing!!! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!