Thursday, June 25, 2015


I am so happy to report that I will finish my 3rd UFO this week and get it sent off!  Woohoo!
I was so happy to get this on the machine, I actually sent a sneak peak to Ashley (the recipient).

After a year of sitting in my room with no ideas coming forth on how to quilt it, I decided done is better than nothing, so I went with a meander.  The colors remind John and I of the ocean and the beach, so we decided the squiggles of the meander are like the ripples the water leaves as it flows back into the ocean.

This is the first time I've used multiple colors in a quilt, the meander is off-white, the corner is red and the waves are blue, in case it's hard for you to see.  That wasn't even planned, and guess what, they live in Texas where people bleed in red, white, and blue, LOL!

I decided yesterday morning that this may be my favorite part of the process.  That point where you're cutting off the "extra baggage" and revealing the nice, clean look of the quilt.


Isn't this just lovely?

So, today I will get the binding assembled and hopefully put on this evening after work.  I just have to avoid eye contact with John and keep off the comfy couch.

I had a moment to lay out my Snapshots blocks and pick out the colors I'd like to use for the next block.  Ice cream, yay!

My goal on this is to have it (and the camera block) done before the next block is released.  So I still have a couple weeks.

And I had another deviation (darnit!) but I need it, I really need it!  I am making a pillow using directions from Gerri Robison's pattern from her book A Cut Above.  I am very excited because I'll be learning how to make a piping!
This weekend is our guild's retreat, and I'm going just for Saturday.  One of my fellow guild members, Megan, had invited me to ride along with her, and after I discovered bonus money in my purse I agreed to go.  I had wanted to attend, just didn't think we had the extra money for it, but it turned out I did!  Plus John encouraged me to go  It's an hour and a half drive, so Megan and I figure we'll leave ~7:30am and then come home whenever we feel like it (probably won't leave later than 8pm).  I think it will be fun, Megan is about my age and is happy to escape from packing, if only for a day.  They are moving in a couple weeks, yuck!  So I'm also happy I get to spend some quality time with her :)

I decided that I will take the Big Fish Little Fish wall hanging, the football pillow sham, and the pillow up above as my projects.  I hope to complete the Big Fish Little Fish, hahaha!  I have heard sometimes there's more visiting than actual sewing, so I'm keeping my options open.  But who knows, maybe I'll actually get all three done!

UFO Challenge List:
1. Bright start baby quilt FINISHED 6-5-15
2. Ashley's quilt- SO CLOSE (needs binding)
3. Attack Cat FINISHED 6-9-15
4. Football Pillow Sham-taking to retreat
5. Fabric Basket
6. Big Fish Little Fish-taking to retreat
I hope you all stay cool, it's going to be 100 degrees at our house today!

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Lorna McMahon said...

Your quilting looks fantastic, Brandy! And those clean cut edges are all ready for the binding now. Good for you working on your UFO's and getting them completed. All your other wips are quite lovely, too. Busy, busy, busy!

Zenia Rene said...

Your quilting is exceptional! And it's FMQ on a domestic machine! I'm so jealous! If you need a home for the pillow you are making, I'd be honored...and wouldn't even mind waiting a year for it! ;) It's that awesome!

Cate said...

Hey Brandy! Thanks so much for the 4th July invite... if only I lived closer! I've just been catching up on all you've done, I'm so impressed that you have almost 3 UFOs done! The bright star baby quilt is beautiful, I've been thinking about my baby quilt, I'm no where near as good as you but I'm looking forward to getting started! Oh and I just love the seaglass stained glass window block, it's sooo pretty! Enjoy your retreat! X

Mary said...

I'm so glad your and Megan made the trip to join the Guild fun. I love the finished part of squaring up the Quilt and applying the binding. Nice finishes for June.

Lara B. said...

I like that motto Brandy "Done is better than nothing" and will remind myself of that every time I'm stalled on the quilting. You did a very nice job with your projects! I hope you enjoyed your day at the retreat.