Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to quickly share our happy news, we adopted 2 kitties from the Walla Walla Humane Society for Christmas!  Please welcome Thomas O'Malley and Silver Belle:
Thomas is ~1 year old.
Belle is ~7 months old.

They are very snuggly with each other and learning to be with us too.  Belle is making faster bonding progress than Thomas, but they'll get there.

The red dot is hilarious to play with.

They've already expressed their inherent knowledge of UFOs and otherworldliness as you can see here.

Here they discovered we have a bird feeder for their entertainment.

And sometimes they watch TV with us.
This is going to be wonderful having them around, cat therapy and all.  Support the local animal shelter, that's for sure!  Ours supplied us with microchips, they were both already spayed/neutered, had all their shots, and each received a free visit to the vet.  Hard to beat that deal!  We're so happy to be in the position to give these two a forever home, and look forward to watching them grow.
Have a super sparkly day!


toniaconner said...

Your new fur babies are beautiful. It is hard press to say which one I like the best. I think Belle will be the mischievous one. She just looks the part. Good luck and have patience.

Cate said...

Brandy that's great news, congratulations! Your cats are so beautiful, enjoy your new life with them! x