Monday, April 14, 2014

An April Finish and some Adventure

Yes yes yes!  I completed a project, and in a fairly timely manner and I'm so happy about it.  I was able to sit down this weekend and finish up my flag/banner I had started for the last hop I was in!  I have a couple different backgrounds to help model my flags:

above the TV
on the neighbors fence
and in my arms :)
  I ended up choosing a neat ribbon at Joann Fabrics that does this ombre effect from white to green and matches the fabrics well while doing it's job of holding everyone together.  It's just zigzag stitched across the top of the flags.

These are luggage tags I made from this tutorial at
It was my first time playing with vinyl, and I really like how it went, I had no problems with it sticking to my presser foot, and I'm really excited to make the project bags Jina designed.
This is at "Rocky Acres" aka the land my parents recently purchased.  John is testing the rock crawling capabilities of this end of the property, very important business for sure.  I'm excited that we'll have a decent swimming hole to take advantage of and only have to drive 5 minutes for it!
We were being followed by the neighbors... apparently miniature trucks make them nervous
Here's a good reason to have a bird setting on one's camera.  This guy has a big voice, which makes sense, he's a 12 inch tall bird!  The first meadowlark I've seen in the Walla Walla area in my life, but then, I've never been on this property before, so there you go.

Look at this guys whiskers!  He's probably a great mouser.  He's smack in the middle of Rocky Acres when I used my bird zoom to take this picture.

Now to wrap up this post, the happiest sighting of them all, a genuine hot air balloon!  When I came out from cleaning my mom's store at 7:15am, the first thing I saw was this truck with a trailer that said "Balloon Chase Vehicle" all over it, and I was stumped, thinking, why is he parked all funky in the parking lot?  Then I looked up!  Hahahaha, silly me!  The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is a month away, and I just love these early sightings.  I've actually been on one, the year before John and I got married.  He helped chase, he's not much for heights.  I LOVED IT, and desperately hope to own one when we are older.  Amazing!


Mdm Samm said...

wow Brandy....your banner is perfect..something that could be around for a very long time..your stitching is pretty outstanding too..great pics

JanesQuilting said...

Your banner turned out beautifully. I never worked with vinal, maybe some day. Thank you for emailing me so I could see. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Doris Rice said...

YAY!!! You DID finish it. It's fabulous! Bring on football season again!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great sports banner! Love the hot air balloon...Good luck on your basket liner...Sounds like you have a great plan to make it reversible!